RPICoin’s Whitepaper Released!

Dear all, we’re really pleased to release our very first Whitepaper v1.0 , a labour of love from everyone at the RPICoin team, community admins, marketing manager and our core developers.

Please do note that this version of the Whitepaper is a living document and is improved and edited on a regular basis. More specific information about Masternodes (such as the needed Collateral, the blockrewards and RoI).

In this version, we have included sections about our different use-cases, the codebase upgrade and shared our vision. Also we will work on updating our roadmap in the next weeks and we are currently looking for extra developers to join the amazing RPICoin team, we definitly don’t want to rush things but we will be quite occupied during the upcoming months, fore more information about these projects I would strongly advise you to read the Whitepaper!

Thank you all for your support — We would love to receive some feedback on the Whitepaper, the usecases and offcourse about our codebase upgrade! If you haven’t done so already please join our great community on Telegram, for Support related questions you can just ask in the Telegram channel.


Thanks for reading!

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