How to Identify the Best Aluminum Extrusion Companies

If you need custom or standard aluminum extrusion profiles manufactured, it is important that you identify the best aluminum extrusion companies. With at least three strong candidates, you can delve into each company’s history, experience, expertise, services, prices, and more. By making side-by-side comparisons of critical criteria, you can then select the one company that best matches your needs.

Criteria for the Best Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer

· Experience — When it comes to custom and standard aluminum extrusion profiles, you want and deserve the best. Therefore, it is important to look for a manufacturer that offers years of industry-related experience. Through the years, the company should have learned valuable lessons that carry forward to the caliber of service provided today.

· Machinery — Just as with any machine, extrusion machinery improves year after year. For that reason, you want to hire a manufacturer that uses the most innovative machine available. If you think about it, the quality of the finished aluminum part or component depends on the quality of the machine.

· Pricing — While perhaps not the most critical of all criteria, pricing is important. When searching for a top manufacturer, make sure you understand the pricing structure. Although you want to hire a company with competitive prices, you never want to pay less in exchange for compromised quality. Fortunately, several incredible manufacturing companies exist, those with affordable pricing and superior products.

· Material — While extrusion manufacturers use aluminum, they do not all use the same grade. To ensure the quality of your finished extruded product meets your expectations and specifications, the company that you hire should use the best aluminum grade possible.

· Additional Services — Along with the extrusion process, you might want to consider a manufacturer that also provides injection molding and other services. That way, you can rely on a single source for multiple products. If you need assistance with the design of your finished part or component, then you might also consider a company with an engineering design team.

· Reliability — Any manufacturing company worth hiring will be reliable. That means the company will offer you outstanding customer service, quick responses, on-time delivery, and so on. In other words, whatever promises the company makes, it will follow through.

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