A Housing Story

We have been working on various different ways to bring property and crypto together. With the drop in the markets it was a difficult time trying to bring them together. So we have developed networks and formed partnerships outside of the crypto environment. We will use these networks to build something that can work alongside Real Property Token.

Real Property Homes is a company we have developed that enables us to bring some of this together. We now are able to supply low cost homes to the marketplace. Our homes are far better value than anything else available in the market. We have created systems that eliminate a lot of the costs involved in building homes. We have removed the waste. We have removed unnecessary building costs. We have a complete package that allows the home owner the opportunity to be in a home for far less than they thought possible.

While initially our homes are designed for NZ standards, as we develop we will look to expand and grow our concept worldwide. There are a lot of investment opportunities available where ever we look. So we will take our systems and work with people in various jurisdictions to develop and grow with us to take advantage of similar opportunities where ever they may be. With the ultimate goal of having people bring investment and property to the RPT platform.

With the ability to bring to you low cost homes also brings with it the chance to offer to an investment opportunity. We want to develop a property investment pool. This pool will be used towards providing funds for investment opportunities that are brought to the platform. Currently we are working on a project that will be allowing us to build 3 houses. We are in the process of undertaking our due diligence but are close to finalising the details. This is going to be a 12–18 month project. We are undertaking a small scale subdivision and will end up with 3 homes. Profits will be distributed to RPT holders that supported us in the token sale. This will be the first project we will be putting on our platform. Returns will be distributed at each stage of the project.

This is an exciting time for RPT. We are moving toward the next stage in the cycle. It has been a lot of work getting things to this stage. We are still in the early planning stages. But with Real Property Homes we now are able to undertake a number of opportunities that we can pass on to RPT holders. We will bring out more details soon for how you can get involved.