Bringing it Home

So much has happened over the last couple of weeks. We have made some acquisitions. We have formed partnerships. And we have progressed with the development.

Low cost affordable housing is something that we are passionate about. I’ve talked before about the costs of building and how it is becoming far to costly for the average person to afford. With many builders neglecting to operate within the low cost market and many governments focusing on economic development and growth it stands to reason that this area has been neglected. Finally our government has started to put some focus on this area and we look to take advantage of this. With no-one concentrating on this area till now we can make some excellent profits while offering excellent top quality homes.

We have acquired a number of sections in a development being undertaken by one of the larger developers here in Christchurch. Within this development there has been a directive for low cost housing to be built. Hence we fit in to this environment very nicely. With our systems and homes we will be able to build at a price far cheaper than all other properties within the area. We are working with a number of options for building to maximise the profits for everyone. Not only are we bringing affordable homes to people, we are also able to achieve this using the various platforms available to us both within the crytpo environment and the fiat world. Combining the current system with the new system allows us to benefit from the best of all opportunities.

We are going to be offering an investment for those looking for a good solid opportunity through property development. Using the lending facilities that have arisen in the crypto environment we are able to stake your crypto which ensures you maintain the rises in the markets. At the completion of the development you will receive your invested crypto along with profits from the project. We have mechanisms in place to ensure the value of your crypto is maintained meaning you will always receive a good solid return no matter which way the market turns. It will be a 6 month project with returns of at least 50%. You will receive your invested crypto, you will get an additional 50% in your preferred currency and you will also receive RPT’s as security on your investment. On completion of the project you will keep the RPT’s, or you can sell them on the open market. And with a good strong project like this one, the first Peer to Peer project with great returns, we are hoping for some good movement with RPT’s. Any questions just email.

We are partnering with a building company which allows us to be involved in the construction from the very first stages. We are trying to develop relationships that allow us to be involved in the entire process of the housing market. We now have the ability to supply homes worldwide. While there are still a lot of details to work through, we are able to put a house into a container and ship it anywhere around the world. These houses are cost effective homes and are compliant in both New Zealand and Australia, which have very high standards for their construction and materials. This means here at RPT we actually have the ability to put homes to the market using cryptocurrency. If anyone would like to discuss the option of buying a home from us then please contact us through our telegram or email.

Along with the project detailed above we also have options for another 10 sections, which will become available in the next 12 months. So along with the sections/blocks/plots we have already acquired we also can now continue with development projects. We will be bringing these out for our supporters to invest in. This will give us a good solid investment stream for our Peer to Peer platform over the next few years. We will be offering many different types of opportunities to become involved. We are looking at connecting with Secured Investment Funds, Rental Portfolios and Financing options. Property is a huge market and a good strong investment tool. Combining the old system and the new system allows us to benefit off both streams of wealth creation, Crypto and Property. Education will be a key component of all this and we are working on the best angles to ensure we can reach out to as many people as we can.

All of these components all fit into one another and make for some really good opportunity to make profits and grow Real Property Token. It is an exciting time to be involved. We will have lots of details come out over the next few days and weeks ahead. Bringing it all together is so rewarding and being able to give back to our supporters who have enabled us to get this far makes it all worthwhile.