Coming Along Nicely

Over the last few months we have been building up things quietly in the background. This entire year has created a lot of challenges with what we have been trying to achieve. A lot of the issues have been around a severe bear market followed by a stagnant market. We have had a number of issues that we have had to deal with that has taken a lot of focus away from what we really want to be achieving. We have overcome these now and over the last few months have been charging on ahead.

Like most Crypto based projects, this year has created enormous challenges. After an amazing ride throughout 2017 that introduced to the world a whole new system that we could all benefit from. With the Blockchain and Crypto maybe there could be another way that is better for us all. It was perfect timing for our project that we had been working on for many years now. We then experienced the crash of the market from the start of this year. We were just beginning our venture and were stifled by a falling market. We simply had to wait. We continued to plan. We continued to try to secure property but with such a severe drop in the market we were hamstrung in what we could achieve. We knew that while the market is in this state, trying to develop and grow a fledgling company in this space is extremely difficult.

The market has now changed. We are no longer in a Bear market. The market is at a point where it is ready to explode again. It has been stagnant now for many months. It is now time to start to put the plans into action. We are now not fighting a market. We know the market position and as a company from this position we can grow. We have formed partnerships. We have created systems to take our ideas and present them to those looking to prosper from what we are creating. There are many opportunities to pursue. We can now use both Crypto and Fiat to purchase, finance, build and prosper. So we are about to charge on with our great ideas and turn them into reality.

We are right in the midst of creating one of the main focus areas and that is the Education arm. We are creating a way to show people how best to prosper in Real Estate. We know and understand how to achieve great results from property investing. We can show many others how they can also achieve these benefits. And by showing people how to achieve this using our system of Low Cost Housing we are developing our clientelle which will be using our systems and working within the crypto space. This again grows the transactional side of the token which helps to grow the liquidity of our token. It is this growth and liquidity that will see us take our token to the next level. Once we have refined and systemised it in full detail we will then take this to the world.

We also now have the ability to develop and build a Low Cost home and take it from conception to completion. We have developed systems to help people into property investment. And we have developed systems to utilise Crypto and RPT to maximise profits and aid the growth of our company. We can build low cost homes in an environment where housing has become ridiculously overpriced. We can purchase these homes and construct them with crypto, taking our company to a whole new area. We are wanting to bring property, construction and investment into the crypto space and we now have the avenue to achieve it. And now that the market is stable we want to ensure that come the next Bull run we will be right there alongside it making the most out of what it will entail.

We are also about to seek Expressions of Interest in setting up a Property Investment Pool. We are being approached daily with various development opportunities. I’m currently doing some due diligence on a property that we can construct 2 homes on. We are looking at a number of options and looking for people wanting to invest and get the rewards that property can offer. Further details will be coming out as we work out all of the finer points. Depending on the level of interest will allow us to plan exactly what we can achieve. Combining everything that we are undertaking here at RPT we will be able to offer good solid returns. We have the homes to construct. We will secure the property and we will offer to you the opportunity to join in this venture. That’s it for now. We are enjoying what we are doing and look forward to charging on with the next stages.