Coming Together Nicely

We have been working away on a number of different activities to get us underway. This has always been about bringing real world projects for everyone to experience. We have achieved this and are putting it all together to bring it to you.

Our education series is almost finished. We are looking forward to showing people how they can profit from real estate. Bringing together all of our knowledge around every aspect of the real estate environment we have designed this series to enable people to be more aware of what they can achieve with what they already have. And of course we have designed this series to push the focus toward cryptocurrency and the blockchain. With our systems and ideas we will be showing people that using the traditional systems are not the only way to achieve wealth through property. In fact, with us, you can actually achieve it much faster.

Within this system we will be implementing various avenues where we will be using RPT’s as the security token or the purchasing token. We will be working with all of the players involved in Real Estate and Crypto to have many angles covered. Property has many reasons to use the blockchain and crypto and we will ensure that we make RPT a part of this change. And as property does get entrenched into this space we will have many of the areas ready to take advantage of this.

Of course one of the greatest angles we are tackling is the peer to peer platform. We are wanting to bring to you the opportunity to bring your developments and real estate endeavours to the blockchain. We want to use RPT’s for security and enable investors to make use of their crypto. These are the real world activities that need to be happening to enable crypto to grow. We are updating the website now to incorporate some of the changes we are making. We are now moving away from being a start up to a fledgling company with projects and products about to be released. It is an exciting time to be involved with RPT.

Another of the projects we are about to release is the first ever Peer to Peer property development project where you can stake your crypto and also receive excellent returns on your investment. With this development you maintain the value of the crypto enabling you to take advantage of the rises in the markets. Meanwhile we have assurances in place to cover you if there are losses in the markets. We are changing the system, even if just a little bit at a time. We are taking advantage of all of the available structures in place to get the best possible returns.

Come on over and have a chat about it all