Every company will use blockchain by 2027

The businesses who don’t adapt to the decentralized world of the future will soon become businesses of the past.

  1. Once data is stored in the database, it can never be modified or deleted. Every record on a blockchain is permanent for eternity.
  2. No single individual or organization maintains the database; several thousand individuals do, and everyone has a copy of the database themselves.

“Until the contract is signed, nothing is real.”
— Glenn Danzig

“If you think nobody cares about you, try missing a couple of payments.”
— Steven Wright

“We’re going to become caretakers for the robots. That’s what the next generation of work is going to be.”
— Gray Scott

“Behind every cloud is another cloud.”
— Judy Garland

Companies will thrive in an environment where power is not limited to the hands of a few, yet this is the way organizations are often structured.




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