It’s all a Matter of Time

We have been working on a lot of things to ensure we get to where we want to be. We always said that what we are trying to achieve will take time. Property is a long term investment. So when we decided to bring crypto and property together we were always looking to the future. Over the last 12 months we have been able to develop systems and ways to bring it all together. We are now on the precipice of triumph. Property Development, Staking Crypto and Mentoring are the main focuses of our operation.

We are about to launch our very first development project. Focusing on low cost homes, we have secured property and partnerships to bring to you the first development project using cryptocurrency. We are still ironing out the details of what we are offering. But it will be very rewarding for those looking to get involved. And of course returning something to those that supported us early on is going to be that really excites us.

The idea that our first project will be one of the first development projects to be offered using cryptocurrencies is extremely exciting. The ability to stake your crypto through RPT allowing you to maintain the value makes it such a great investment. And by staking your crypto with RPT you retain all of the profits and control of your crypto as the market rises. One of the major components of property is leverage. We all use it when buying our home. We go to the bank with a small deposit and borrow the rest from the lender. So of course, when combining crypto and property we look to using the same forms of leverage. This year has seen the emergence of crypto lending facilities which we will use for the benefit of us all. We will be able to use these facilities to ensure we can offer the best returns.

Something that we have always strived to achieve is educating people in both property and crypto and how we can make it all work together. We have an extraordinary amount of knowledge in regards to Property. We are also taking property to a whole new realm of understanding. Property and Crypto combined is a whole new entity and with that comes a whole lot of new rules. That said, investing in Property still remains the same. Crypto is just the currency that we want use. We want to talk to as many people as possible. We want to help crypto people get into property investing and to do this we need to offer a mentoring service to ensure we can achieve it. It does not matter what your current position is right now. Because right now is your starting point. So have a chat with us and see how we can help you. Join our telegram channel or flick me a message

I will have further details on all of the above coming out over the next week or two. But having the main points of our project coming together is very exciting. We know it is taking time. We have so many things to work through before we can bring it to you. We have also had to struggle through a crashing market. And yet to come out the other end to bring you a real world project is something that we feel triumphant over. Yes there is still a long way to go, but we have something to bring you soon. This will be the start of the greatest crypto property company in the market. I look forward to sharing the details with you all soon.