It’s June

We are into June already. So much has been happening at RPT. It has been a really tough start for us. Since starting out in January so much has changed and we have had to redefine everything. Advertising has dramatically changed with both Google and Facebook not wanting crypto advertising. And of course we have all hurt with the drop in the market. It happened right after we started and we held on and now we are all set to charge on. We have had to cut right back on the team. We are still working with the team but have put them onto a contract basis. We will then bring them back on board as we grow. We are still working on our Roadmap. It is what we planned and what we will continue to work towards. It is just taking a little longer than we anticipated. But we have always said this is long term. We are only 6 months into our project and ready to launch a number of firsts. So folks, here’s a few details of what we have been putting together and what is to come.

Looking at the Roadmap there are 3 major componenets that we are working on that is going to bring us the income to enable us to further invest in our company. After all a strong company will obviously only benefit our token. Peer to Peer Projects, Education and Tranasctions. We are working on systems that we will be able to take around the globe. And we will be looking out for projects and people as we go forward to join us in our journey. There is so much scope with what we are doing worldwide that once we have perfected our systems taking it around the world will be easy.

Education is one of the biggest areas we are putting our focus towards. We are creating a system and education series that will allow people to get an understanding of Property. The power of leveraging, how to purchase, how to build and develop, how to talk to a bank or a mortgage broker, accountancy options, financial planning and many other aspects regarding property. Over the years it has become apparent to us that people are largely uneducated in regards to property. Sure people know you can buy a rental using equity in your existing home. But there is so much more to it than just that. This is the program we are working on to give knowledge to people, because with knowledge comes power.

And as part of this system we will be offering to all participants the chance to participate in either their own developments or even joining us in our development projects. By introducing people to property, and then showing them ways that we can help them make so much more through our affordable low cost homes solutions it will enable us to move into the Crypto side of the Education.

A question we are often asked is why the need for property to be in Crypto. This question could be asked of so many projects. The reality is that there is a system change and we are going to be the forerunner to this. There are many examples of why the current system needs to change. I will go into more details about the politics, banking system, fraud, and other such reasons as to why we need a change in the system in another Medium article another day. But for now, lets just say that with our systems and working through the blockchain, smart contracts and crypto we are in a new market that is set for strong growth. We can make some excellent opportunities and returns for everyone. And this is why we are getting prepared and ready to bring property into this space.

So with these presentations we will be combining property and crypto. Our goal is to utilise our token for the various tranasctions that come with property. There are many transactions that are undertaken in any property deal. We will ensure that we can make use of RPT’s for these transactions. The more transactions we can process using crypto and our token the stronger our token becomes. And of course the more liquidity the token has the greater the chance of growth.

The second focus has been on the Development projects. Again we have been stifled by the drop in the markets. It has severely limited the options we have been able to undertake. However we have worked through all of this. We have also worked through a lot of the various compliance issues. We are now able to bring to you an opportunity that we are extremely excited about. There are many opportunities right now here in Chch, New Zealand. However investing cross borders has always been something that is somewhat of an issue. And of course that all dreaded word TAX. This has been important for both the developers that will be using our platform and the investors too.

So we have been able to find various partners who will be able to allow us to facillitate this development using both fiat and CRYPTO. We have a 6 month project about to be undertaken. We have secured property. We have chosen the homes we are building and we have builders ready to go. We are almost ready to present to you the opportunity to join us in this project. It is currently at the designers getting made presentable and then we will be releasing it. Here’s a few details for those wanting to invest. It really will be a great opportunity to get RPT and the token really making a name for itself and flying up the charts.

  • Minimum 150% RETURN
  • Staked BTC/ETH ensuring any rises in the crypto markets will be retained by you
  • RPT’s to be used as Security tokens with guaranteed BUYBACK
  • LEVERAGING allowing for minimal investment. With both Fiat and Crypto partners
  • AFFORDABLE HOMES — Cheaper than any other home in the marketplace
  • Housing Market in CRITICAL STATE due to this part of the market being neglected
  • Various RISK MANAGEMENT actions in place to secure investment.
  • Head on over to the RP Developments Telegram page for any discussion.

We have various other options which will be open to you going forward. We are working with many different people looking at ways to cooperate and partner with. Here are some of the areas we are working on alongside the projects that are about to come out.

  • Utilising RPT’s as a token you can stake for lending
  • Developing a rental portfolio for a Crypto hedge fund
  • Partnering with Home Building companies to have our own Crypto Homes
  • Minor Dwelling/Secondary Homes
  • Developments on a small scale
  • Creating and developing partners globally

We are really looking forward to the coming months and years ahead as we get established in this space. We have so many opportunities that we are looking at entering. So we are about to make a start on the next stage of the journey. This is what you and we have all been waiting for, so lets get stuck on in.

Mike England