Low Cost Affordable Homes

Every day there is a news item discussing the housing crisis. I am hearing of this around the world. But it is ever so present here New Zealand. Daily, there are news reports or broadcasters discussing the crisis. At one point it was seen that NZ was needing roughly an extra 40 homes a day more than what is currently being built. And for the most part it is the low cost homes that are being neglected. And I’m aware that you could easily replace NZ in this story with many other countries around the world.

But what is happening here and around the world is that governments and developers are still applying the same rules that created the problem in the first place. While we focus on the economic system of the world all we continue to do is focus on increasing prices. We need to change the systems that created the problem and not continue to endorse it. Because if we keep continuing along the same path we are heading then homes will become even more unaffordable. Owning a home is no longer the

There are many ways we can achieve reductions in costs to bring homes back to a more realistic price. Change the way we distribute the labour in a build. Utilise systems that are far more cost effective rather than relying on traditional systems that have become outdated, costly and time consuming. Yes we have embraced various techniques but we need to do more. So much more to ring back the cost of building a home. And it can be done. There are many people who are also looking at ways of bringing down costs. By bringing together people that are wanting to bring back affordable housing we may actually have a chance. So rather than wait for governments to help, we need to take control of things in our own hands and make sure we bring prices down and bring back the REAL affordable home.

Real Property Token and Real Property Development have seen how we can achieve this. We have sourced the best companies and people who are wanting to achieve great results. We want to get more people into their own homes. We want to create far more affordable low cost homes that are great investments, great first homes or even for those wanting a larger home at a far better price. QBH are one such company that shows a similar philosophy to us. By working together we are able to bring out homes at over 1000m2 lower than the average builders and developers. By using an established company like QBH and implementing other cost savers we will be able to bring out good solid homes that will be far cheaper than other alternatives in the marketplace.

We are looking forward to showing people how to achieve this through our education series. We are also looking forward to bringing you Real Property Tokens and the worlds very first small scale property development. With an ROI of over 50%, and using staked crypto so you could make even more, we are very excited about this next stage. Some exciting developments are happening around here and we look forward to having you join along and start or continue your wealth creation journey here with us at RPT.