New Exchange

We are pleased to announce the latest Exchange listing. Our token, RPT has started trading on IDEX.

So for those of you wanting more places to trade RPT’s we are searching for exchanges to get listed on all around the place. We will be reaching out for more exchanges over the next few weeks. We would like to acknowledge the assistance from the Castle Team for there guidance and support in helping us get on to this exchange. We are looking forward to more exchanges, growing the trading volume and increasing the token value.

We have been watching many of the Real Estate tokens undertaking various projects. A listing App, multi story building developments with minimal returns and various other interesting ways of bringing Real Estate into the crypto markets. And at each announcement there has been strong movement in the token. So look out for whats coming up. And get in your support.

At RPT we have always wanted to keep it Real. We have always maintained that we want to be there for everybody. We have a property project for the Peer to Peer platform with great returns, staked crypto and a secure investment. Keeping it small and attainable means we will be able to continue to achieve great returns on property for many years by being able to repeat the process.

So things are moving along nicely here at RPT. We have a development project coming up for the peer to peer platform. We have our education and presentations around low cost housing and minor dwellings. And we are working through all of our ideas to bring RPT to the forefront of property development and crypto for the Real person. More to come soon team.