Well here we are at the start of April. Here at RPT we have been busy getting ourselves organised and ready to charge on ahead. We are still in development stage with a lot of detail to work through. There are many little tasks that have needed to be undertaken that will allow us to charge on forward for many years to come. We have been refining everything and developing all of our ideas. We have been enhancing the systems and locking down our direction. We have been analysing property deals and making new relationships. We have been looking at all of the different mediums for advertising and growth. So all in all the last 3 months has been a whirlwind of events.

Straight after the Token Sale we had to deal with a lot of administration and tidying up to do. This took us into February before all of this was tidied up. There were so many changes that happened while we were in the midst of our Token Sale that we had to really look at everything during this time to analyse and work out our next move. Andrew and Myself, we spent a week together brainstorming absolutely everything. The Roadmap is still our main focus. However there have been numerous changes to how we can actually move forward with marketing and compliance etc. There are also changes afoot in regards to where property is headed on the Blockchain. There have been a few different property announcements which have created some good opportunities going forward. We are watching these and ensuring that we are going to be ready to take advantage of all these things.

We are now ready to move forward with a lot of the planning we have been doing. We are not to far away from releasing the apps. However we don’t have the material as yet to put into the app. Therefore there is no strong benefit to us to release it at this stage. We have brought forward the presentation/roadshow aspect of RPT which in turn is going to provide the content, in part, for our apps. We have redefined this to suit the current market conditions. We have also redefined things to enable us to start developing systems that we can replicate over and over again.

We have also been looking at a number of property deals. We are going through these to ensure there is going to be something of benefit to RPT and our supporters. We have been looking at the developments to see how we can ensure people can get some solid positive returns from their investments. As we have been going through the due diligence with all of these projects the crypto markets have been crashing. Almost 2/3rds of the market has dissappeared since we finished the Token Sale. This is why we have had to do some refining of our processes and systems. As well as ensuring we make the best use of the funds raised in the token sale. We are holding to ensure we are going to have the funds as the market comes back again. We know it will, although this is only speculation on our part, we have to work with something we feel comfortable with. We know the crypto markets are going to stay around for a long time and we want to be there with it. However this has meant to we have had to come up with some creative solutions to maybe profit from this current downturn.

We have been looking at various deals that could be very profitable. It is through a building and compliance system we are working on that allows us to speed up the consent and compliance and combine it with a fast construction time and then repeating it allows for a good ROI. There are various ways that we can offer these to people as investors for both short term and long term. It is also these deals that will be great to get onto the platform for people. However with the market dropping and us hunkering down, we thought that we could offer to people who were holding Crypto to utilise it now and make a good ROI while the market is low. By having a finished build quickly, we can return your investment hopefully before the market changes and goes up or even save you if it drops even further. Or if you were looking at cashing out and diversifying your investments you can get a good return for your BTC now. We will also in in time be offering these out as rental investments to our supporters for a steady regular income through the Peer to Peer platform.

Now given where the current market is, and we believe it is at it’s low point (we hope), we are looking at really taking advantage of its current position. As BTC rises so will the value of RPT. Therefore we would like the value of the token to rise. We have gotten into one exchange, www.southxchange.com and that is suitable for us at present. There have been calls for us to get listed on many exchanges. We did go to many exchanges to get listed on and we chose this exchange for many reasons. Now you say there is no liquidity on the token at this exchange. Well that would be the same if we were on many exchanges. In fact spreading the tokens further may actually make less liquidity. Now it is not up to us to provide the liquidity for trading. We are working on the projects that will in time be transacted through the exchange. So while we are getting these projects underway it is up to you to give the token it’s liquidity. We had a number of marketing tokens we had given away. These have largely been snapped up and now as we move forward a good realistic value will be put on the token. Then as we develop our projects and transact through RPT then people will see the value in purchasing RPT’s, thereby increasing it’s value. We are working on marketing plans and ways to increase the liquidity. Once there is liquidity in our token then we can branch out to more exchanges. And of course getting to one of the larger exchanges is one of our goals, but this only happens once we are established.

This is what we have been up to over the last few months. It is now, only after the Token Sale that we can put it all together. There are a lot of changes that we are having to work with continually. We have always said this is a long term project. TIME TIME TIME that is what we need to create and establish a strong long term profitable company that is going to provide you, as our supporter, with profitable outcomes too. Once our systems are established and we have all of the compliance in place for a long term future is when it will all be worth it. We do have some things happening very soon and will let you all know when. This is to ensure we start going in the right direction and start making good steady growth. And we are working away constantly getting this project to the place we all know it can be. Cheers