Wealth Creation

We are about to launch into our Wealth Creation Presentations. These are focused on wealth creation through Property. We have created an awesome system that allows for low cost housing and fast construction times. We are able to get our clients on to a Wealth Creation path so much sooner. And the benefit to us here at RPT is that we will be conducting and transacting this all through our tokens. At RPT we are assisting people through property. Property has been the wealth creation tool for many years now. So we want to get as many people on this road to success.

On investigating and researching this space we have found that many of the so called property spruikers out there touting the sales of investment properties are basically putting people into an investment that is not suited to most people. They rely on negative gearing where it costs you on a weekly basis. They rely on capital growth and espouse things like property doubles every 7 years. The reality of most of these investment schemes is that there is only a couple of people making money out of them and it isn’t the investor. Because of the struggle with these types of investments over the initial years most people end up selling off their investment, often at a loss, just to be free from a burden. 
 So we have come up with a solution to assist people in their desire to improve their lives. People often have the ability to improve their position just by utilising the space right at there doorstep. We have been searching far and wide for the best options for building houses. We have isolated the most cost effective housing solutions depending on your position. We can then position the client with an investment that is right for them. We will also be putting them in touch with the right people to manage them throughout their financial journey. 
 Real Property Token we will be undertaking various ways throughout this process to incorporate the token into the system. As a cryptocurrency we fully endorse the use of this environment as part of a diversified financial portfolio and therefore where we see opportunities to bring the token and crypto into our wealth creation process we will. Going forward there will be opportunities for RPT holders to invest in properties. There are often people who get into property investing that realise it is not for them. We will be offering the platform for them to put their property on the market. As we progress we will be developing more ways where people will be able to offer their crypto for a return. We are also seeking partners to work with who have an interest in both crypto and property. It is these partnerships that will allow us to grow property into this space. The more opportunities we can offer through crypto and RPT the stronger our token will become. 
 Initially we are starting off in a couple of areas. This is to ensure the systems are correct. It is also the areas that we are familiar with. However we will be taking our systems globally. There is a huge demand for low cost housing worldwide. The low cost housing environment has long been ignored by a lot of builders and developers for decades. Now there is a shortage. This huge demand means there is opportunities that still are yet to be taken advantage of. Most builders are still working hard to get every penny out of their clients while here at RPT we are showing you a system that will put money in peoples pocket. This is another very exciting time for us here at RPT. We are putting a lot of effort into this to ensure we all prosper. 
 Do you know someone with a big back yard?