The work is leading to groundbreaking technologies for safer, more efficient aviation and space exploration

Othmane Benafan with NASA’s Glenn Research Center (Photo courtesy of Bridget R. Caswell)

The system saves lives by alerting residents sooner of the approaching danger

Jamie Rhome with the National Weather Service (Photo: courtesy of the National Weather Service)

The tools provide patients with better access to their health records and change physician payment incentives

Shannon Sartin with the U.S. Digital Service at the Department of Health and Human Services (Photo: Lawrence Jackson)

Hearing loss affects hundreds of thousands of sailors and Marines and costs taxpayers billions of dollars each year in treatments for veterans

Kurt Yankaskas, with the Office of Naval Research (Photo: Lawrence Jackson)

Provided vital updates to protect residents, tourists and property from ash, lava and toxic fumes

Tina Neal, scientist in charge of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (Photo: Lawrence Jackson)

Prosecution resulted in dozens of federal criminal convictions and sanctions against numerous Navy officers

James McWhirter of the Defense Criminal Investigative Service and Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Pletcher (Photo: Lawrence Jackson)

Locals rebuilt thousands of homes and roofs ripped apart by a Category 4 hurricane

Ryan Shelby, second from right, with a Build Back Safer II team in Haiti. (Photo: Courtesy of Ryan Shelby, USAID)

Michael Kozak with the State Department (Photo: Lawrence Jackson)

Leticia Pibida with the National Institute of Standards (Photo: courtesy of NIST)

Daniel Jernigan with the CDC (Photo: courtesy of the CDC)

Partnership for Public Service

The Partnership works to revitalize our federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way government works.

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