What’s Your Side Hustle?

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While I was attending a networking event this week, one of the guests said to me, “It is such a Washington, DC thing to always ask people what do they do. So now when I meet new people I ask,

What is your side hustle?”
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I thought about this statement for a moment. It’s true; in DC it’s all about what you do and for whom or with whom you work. This is such a transient town that most people are only here for school, an internship, or a stepping stone job. The rest of us work for the federal government or a contracting company that supports the federal government. Anyone who is still in DC after five years, and is not born and raised here, is a rare exception to the rule.

Furthermore, Washington, DC is very expensive so it’s no wonder most residents of the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) have side hustles. Some have established a LLC or Corporation and are pushing their service, product, or other side hustle gig until it really takes off and can be their full-time career.

If you have been following my journey, you know I blog and invest in real estate from DC to Philadelphia. And I do not have to look far in my own network to find folks doing everything from life coaching, cake pops, fashion designs, and more as part of their side hustles.

In honor of National Small Business Week, I want to highlight my friends doing the damn thing in D.C. and pushing their side hustles to the next level so they can transition from a nine to five to a full-time entrepreneur.

Kayla & Poppin Kakes

Kayla makes the best cake pops on the East Coast but currently only produces pops and gift baskets in the DC area. However, I am confident when she masters how to ship her cake pops and preserve the taste, her business will start busting at the seams. I used her for my son’s dinosaur themed party and had the tastiest dino-mite pops. Check out more of her product son Instagram.

Email PoppinKakes@gmail.com to place your order today.

Jaclyn & Spyka Consulting, I Am A Creator

I Am A Creator-The Collective is space where creators of various backgrounds and fields can showcase their work and share with like-minded people. The group focuses on creativity as key part of self-expression, self-care, personal and professional growth, and transformation within communities of color. As a writer and amateur photographer, Jaclyn is creating this platform for other creators to share, exchange, and support each other in their entrepreneurial and professional efforts. In addition to I Am A Creator, Jaclyn is a trained life coach and consultant, all outside of her 9 to 5 job. Visit Spyka Consulting and I Am A Creator — The Collective online to learn more. Follow #IAmACreator and I Am A Creator — The Collective on Instagram and Twitter.

Consider showcasing your work in Am A Creator-The Collective today!

Carissa & d’Kultured Kunsepts

My favorite local designer, Carissa Bernard, designs unique stylish outfits under her clothing line d’Kultured Kunsepts. Her Caribbean roots of Trinidad and Tobago inspire her designs, but some of her best work includes bright vibrant African prints. Carissa’s ability to create stylish looks from artistic pictures in her head makes her a rare gem — someone who can sew masterpieces in a few hours with little to no patterns. She designs handmade jewelry, can create the edgiest hairstyles, and applies flawless makeup too. It’s no wonder her work has seen the runways of fashion shows in New York and Washington, DC. Check out her great designs on Instagram.

Me in a d’Kultured Kunsepts original.

With over 27.9 million small businesses in the United States, figure out who you can support and do it now and often. Support your local entrepreneur today. You never know, you may even be inspired to start your own side hustle. I certainly was.

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