Stop and look around — Day #279

Recently, lots of people have been asking me why I choose to live in Bali. That question is usually followed-up with others: Why do I let my skin get dark? Why did I decide to leave my fancy life behind in Jakarta? Why did I quit my job? What made me decide to move far away from home? 
And why I dared doing all this in the first place.

Life is scary. However, sometimes we worry too much about that. Why do we have to worry about ourselves? Why do we have to worry about other people? Why do we have to worry about tomorrow? Why do we have to worry about our happiness?

It’s hard to explain when you can’t experience it yourself. But, let me try to describe my reasoning for moving here in the best way I can:

Life is too short to not doing something crazy. Life is too short to be living in a boring situation. Life is too short to having a boring job. Life is too short to do the same things everyday.

When I finally took action and decided to move to Bali, it wasn’t easy as many of you know. Believe me, it’s NOT easy. Life is full of challenges, and YES sometimes it’s hard to deal with it. But, at least I try. I move my ass and I make loads of mistakes in the process. But most importantly, I learn from my mistakes. And yes, I don’t need to worry about my life again because I feel happiness. I do what I love.

Life is too short and scary! YES it is..

So what are you waiting for ?

Move your ass, go somewhere else, make mistakes, do something crazy, do what you love, be happy and make it happen!

“Sometimes, what you need to do is stop and look around, because life is PRETTY AMAZING!”