60 000 years of wisdom meets e-waste

What to do with all of those electrical cables that remain connected to TVs, stereos and other devices that no longer function?

Sure, you can strip the conduit back and salvage the valuable vein of copper that once carried the electrons to their destination. That is what conventional wisdom tells us is the best outcome for such a waste item.

But what about using some wisdom right in front of us?

For 60 000 years the First Peoples of Australia have been practicing many interesting and still relevant traditions that we often overlook in our day-to-day ideas of how things ought to be done and why.

One such tradition is that of basket weaving, and last week The UpLovers welcomed the very talented Rachel Piercy to the Green Community Garden to teach us some basket weaving wisdom 60 000 years in the making with a modern twist- using waste electrical chord and more to do some post-modern weaving.

This is ‘New Weave Electro’

Rachel Piercy began her workshop in post-modern weaving by first showing us how to make string, which is one of the most basic and simple of survival skills.

We then moved on to weaving techniques, using our unconventional materials (as shown above).

The five hours went so fast with almost everyone completing a unique item that they will cherish for years to come.

With this week being NAIDOC Week it is an opportunity for all of us to take a moment and learn something new about the people and their culture that endured for tens of thousands of years before the disruption of European settlement.

These people, Australia’s First Peoples, have so much wisdom and knowledge that can only make our communities the richer.

Take some time this week to enrich your mind and culture by taking part in NAIDOC Week activities and celebrations.

You never know what you might learn…

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