Community Resources on-boards their next generation leadership team

Community Resources, a 30-year not-for-profit organisation specialising in social enterprise and community development programs, is proud to announce the appointment of a new job-share CEO.

Corinne Stephenson, Jess Moore.

Corinne Stephenson, former General Manager, and Jess Moore, former General Manager of Green Connect, one of the social enterprises recently joining the Community Resources portfolio will Co- CEO the organisation from their respective Tuncurry and Port Kembla bases.

Community Resources has undergone a unique series of mergers and acquisitions the last 4 years, growing from an organisation in Tuncurry NSW that created 60 jobs with a turnover of $4 million in 2013, to a national organisation employing over 400 people with a turnover of over $24 million in 2019.

Home of the pioneering environmental social enterprise Resource Recovery Australia and Homebase Youth and Aboriginal services for over 27 years, as well as home and personal care services social enterprise Helping Hands, Community Resources acquired Soft Landing mattress recycling in 2015 from Mission Australia to maximise their “waste2wages” operations and impact. With a strong track record operating community-based business models in the waste management sector, Illawarra social enterprise Green Connect and industry charity WasteAid Australia, then merged with Community Resources in early 2018.

Ready to embrace this “collective impact”, the new co-pilot leadership team is excited that they will provide support and coverage from their respective regional bases in the heart of Port Kembla and Tuncurry NSW. Two towns with a long history of high unemployment, Community Resources now employ over 150 people respectively per region. Looking to further strengthen these regional hubs, which in turn support numerous sister sites around Australia, the team will drive a strategy that consolidates the organisation to strengthen it and maximise its social and environmental impact.

“It has been a big few years for Community Resources. I am delighted to lead the organisation into this exciting next stage in partnership with Jess. The internal opportunities across our own enterprises for people experiencing disadvantage to develop social and economic livelihoods for themselves are significant, as are those we continue to develop with our partners and regional networks” said Corinne Stephenson.

Jess Moore who joined the organisation in February, at a peak period of growth added: “I can see our collective potential to drive social and environmental change. I admire and am thrilled to be taking on this role alongside Corinne, and as part of an amazing team around the country”.

John Weate

Community Resources Founder and Executive Officer for more than 30 years, John Weate, laughs at the “mild trauma” he has experienced preparing to hand over a job he adores. A long-time pioneer in both environmental management and asset-based community development, John was ahead of his time in establishing social enterprises on the Mid North Coast in growing industries such as resource recovery. Other enterprises he co-established include Tobwabba Art, one of the first Aboriginal design licencing studios in Australia which in its heyday achieved international sales of over $10 million, benefiting local Aboriginal artists back in Forster Tuncurry. Additional roles have included serving 25 years on MidCoast Council, Founding Director of WaterAid as it established itself in Australia and Founding Director of WasteAid Australia.

Taking a well-earned sabbatical year in France, John noted “I am thrilled and excited to have two such amazing talents to handover to. My experience working with each gives me enormous confidence that Community Resources is in safe hands, both in terms of being financially sustainable for the decades to come, and in terms of their deep commitment to the social and environmental values of the organisation”. John will be studying the circular economy regulatory framework in France and the role that civil society and social enterprise is playing. He has been appointed to the Committee of SDSN France (Sustainable Development Solutions Network). SDSN works with partners in academia, government, business, civil society and the United Nations to promote practical solutions and transformations for sustainable development.

You can read more about Community Resources in their latest Annual Report.