Thanks Richard. Thanks IKEA.

Soft Landing has some fantastic partners. These partners have some brilliant people working for them.

Soft Landing’s award-winning ‘waste-to-wages’ agenda is about providing opportunities for the most disadvantaged people to re-engage with work, training them up and providing them a springboard into the open labour market. It is also about collaborating with each of our retail and manufacturing partners to ensure we deliver a responsive recycling service too.

Soft Landing has been extremely lucky to work with one of the largest and most recognisable brands in the world — IKEA. More specifically, we have been fortunate to work alongside Richard Wilson, the Sustainability Manager for IKEA Australia. Richard and Andrew Douglas, Co-Founder of Soft Landing and RRA Manager, love to check in on the latest design, dismantling and recycling solutions for mattresses. In the true spirit of partnership, the two companies regularly share ideas to maximise our mutual people and planet agendas

Since 2014 IKEA and Soft Landing have saved 3900 mattresses from going to landfill, creating employment for people experiencing disadvantage and new products such as steel, carpet underlay and mulch. This is a great shared impact, yet only the start of what we hope to achieve with IKEA over time.

Richard has been critical to the outcomes of our partnership with IKEA thus far, so his departure from IKEA here in Australia to a new role at their head office in Malmö, Sweden saddens us to say the least. Richard is an exceptional practitioner of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and we know that he will go on to make a fantastic contribution with IKEA internationally.

Before he left for Sweden, Richard was able to take part in this recently released #ActionMatters web clip with Soft Landing’s Andrew Douglas. Produced by the Office of Environment and Heritage, the film is called ‘Social Enterprise: Good for business, good for community’ and we reckon it is pretty special.

As well as showcasing the work of IKEA and Soft Landing, it showcases another inspirational social enterprise Muru Mittigar.

We hope you enjoy the clip and ‘lycka till’ in Sweden Richard!