The second set started and everyone remained seated except Juliet Happ. She got up as the players went back on the court. A few people watched Juliet descend the stairs, but not Romeo Vasquez. He looked straight. His eyes fixed on the tennis players.

Juliet walked beneath the stands. She reached into her shoulder bag and pulled out her phone. An usher asked if she needed assistance. Juliet shook her head. The usher noticed she was crying. “I’m fine,” said Juliet.

She walked the empty hallway and scrolled for a number in her phone. She found the number and leaned against the wall. The phone rang twice before someone picked up Juliet’s call.

Juliet whispered not wanting anyone to hear her speak. “Emily,” said Juliet. “I’m at the tennis…”

Emily sat on a couch. Her feet curled beneath her legs. “I’m watching it now,” said Emily. “Where are you sitting?”

”I’m not sitting,” replied Juliet.

Emily reached for the television remote control. She loweredthe television’s volume. “What’s wrong?”

Tears fell down Juliet’s cheeks. Her chest heaved. “Romeo is seeing another woman.”

Emily shut off the television. “Get in a cab and come to my house,” Emily said.

An hour later, a doorman opened a taxi door. Juliet stepped out of the taxi and took an elevator to the sixteenth floor. Emily answered the door in her barefeet. The fifth set was just beginning.