RSE Ventures CEO Matt Higgins Receives Ellis Island Medal of Honor

Higgins joins new and past recipients that include U.S. presidents, Nobel Prize winners and Fortune 500 executives

Photo courtesy of Ellis Island Honors Society

NEW YORK, May 10, 2019 — RSE Ventures Cofounder and CEO and Miami Dolphins Vice Chairman Matt Higgins has been selected as an Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipient.

The Ellis Island Medal of Honor ranks among the nation’s most renowned awards. The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have officially recognized the Ellis Island Medals of Honor, and each year the recipients are listed in the Congressional Record. Higgins joins the…

RSE recently asked numerous founders in our family to share their stories about working with us — unscripted, unrehearsed and unfiltered. Even though we have great relationships, I wasn’t sure what we’d hear.

In the end, the messages didn’t surprise me — but their alignment did. Every entrepreneur we interviewed, from Bloomberg anchor-turned-entrepreneur Betty Liu to “long hair, bearded, driven to create” &pizza Co-founder Michael Lastoria, agreed on one thing: the top qualities they seek in partners.

In their distinct voices, each founder boiled down the keys to successful business partnerships into four lessons that create lasting value.

1. Establish…

David Chang, Wired Magazine (July 2016), photo by Joe Pugliese

When it was announced last week that RSE led an investment round in Momofuku, the 12-year old culinary company founded and overseen by David Chang, we got the exact same reaction from nearly everyone: “Love that brand! But why did you invest?”

This is an understandable sentiment on the surface, as most know RSE as a sports-focused fund. But the reality is that from the beginning, sports has simply been one manifestation of a broader investment thesis: the power of live experiences. …

Five months ago, we led the first investment in the Drone Racing League with the intention of building the next great sports property. Today we are proud to announce its official launch.

While it is certainly too early to tell if DRL (or drone racing for that matter) will take off, the initial traction has been promising. The DRL team has built state-of-the-art technology and both pilots and fans have shown their passion for drone racing as a sport of the future. …

“The 2015 International Champions Cup demonstrates the demand for our property both in the United States and abroad. We expect to see more fans, more excitement and more sell-outs than ever before,” our CEO, Matt Higgins said as he kicked off Tuesday’s ICC press conference.

Starting July 11th, the ICC will host 23 matches in 19 venues across the United States, China, Europe and Australia attracting over 1.1 million fans in less than 4 weeks. The tournament will feature some of the world’s premier clubs including: Manchester United, Chelsea FC, Barcelona FC, Real Madrid, Manchester City, AC Milan and PSG.

We Are Family

This week, we reached a mini milestone in our little world. We had our first official Family Day Summit. Less than a year in operation, 30 of our portfolio companies gathered and (hopefully) enjoyed a day filled with learning, collaborating with their VaynerRSE siblings and discussing our organization’s role in the future of innovation.

Some dear friends outside the family who have approached invention and innovation pretty flawlessly also willingly joined us, sharing their expertise with the group of founders.

Some of the day’s takeaways:

“Everyone has ideas. It’s about building on those ideas and having the…

AnyPerk: Remember the days when you had a student ID? You’d walk into about anywhere and boom: student discount. You were getting rewarded for learning and it was nice. Then that student ID expired and that was the end of that. You enter the real world, all that fluffy stuff pretty much vanishes.

AnyPerk entered the tech space so organically and flawlessly that we wonder if it has gone a bit under the radar. It’s a very simple way for companies to provide perks for employees. A reasonable $5 for every employee and from there, companies can offer a variety…

Last week, The Wall Street Journal announced that VaynerRSE has created BRaVe Ventures. THE B, R, V standing for media veterans, David Beck, Jesse Redniss and Gary Vaynerchuk.

BRaVe, a firm that will provide strategic advisory and accelerator services to emerging and established players in the media, technology and entertainment sectors comes at a time where the entertainment landscape, is in the midst of a massive shift of digitizing, integrating social media and embracing a multiple screen “wherever/whenever” consumer first approach. BRaVe will work with clients to identify new technologies that can change how viewers consume and engage with digital…

Earlier this week, two members of our family, FanVision and PrePlay announced that they have merged. While a move of this sort sounds pretty typical in day-to-day VC world, it is one of the more significant things to happen in the sport and gaming space in a while.

Back in 2010, Steve Ross saw the potential in FanVision and how it could meaningfully enhance the in-stadium fan experience, telling The New York Times, “I saw potential in it; I saw it had been used in Nascar and golf and F1 racing, and I felt we could make it a better…

The Future of Communication

It wasn’t too long ago where many of us sat there wondering if one day humankind would simply eliminate speaking as a form of communication. As we sat side by side texting, emailing, tweeting, posting, poking, pinning and yes, even snapping, it seemed like we could successfully communicate without verbalization. But a time may be coming, where we yearn to exercise our vocal cords once again. We’ll be able to walk down the street while communicating without tripping and drive while still being able to catch up on correspondence. That’s where our newest investment Cord Project

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