5 VaynerRSE Startups Professional Organizations Should Know About

AnyPerk: Remember the days when you had a student ID? You’d walk into about anywhere and boom: student discount. You were getting rewarded for learning and it was nice. Then that student ID expired and that was the end of that. You enter the real world, all that fluffy stuff pretty much vanishes.

AnyPerk entered the tech space so organically and flawlessly that we wonder if it has gone a bit under the radar. It’s a very simple way for companies to provide perks for employees. A reasonable $5 for every employee and from there, companies can offer a variety of discounts including movie tickets, cable services, deals on Dell computers, 1-800 flowers, Costco coupons and the list goes on. Pinterest, Klout, GetAround, BirchBox, Pandora are just a few companies using AnyPerk.

Originally launched out of Y Combinator, AnyPerk is really a win-win all around. If employees are rewarded, they will be more satisfied with their organization and they will only be more motivated to turn around awesome work.

Nourish Snacks: Companies with the limited vending machine option for snacks, time to give this one a try. Today Show’s nutrition expert, Joy Bauer is working to make healthy snacks easily accessible with her startup, Nourish Snacks, a subscription-based line of gourmet healthy snacks all less than 200 calories per package. Unlike those 100 calorie snack packs, Nourish Snacks are full of substantial ingredients that are all high in fiber, a good source of protein while remaining low in calories, free of GMOs and preservatives. When it comes to increasing company morale, food is a great (and easy) way to do so. With Nourish, there’s really an option for every taste bud.

Lynxsy: With the Lynxsy platform, young companies can find junior talent on-demand. Launched from the Techstars Accelerator program, Lynxsy connects recent grads with startups and then allows the two to form a relationship on a trial basis. This way, both the employees and companies can see if it’s a good fit before fully committing. As the job market heats back up, this makes recruiting a lot simpler and can be a great asset to any company’s HR department.

Foap: As social platforms leverage visuals more and more, companies constantly need photos for marketing and branding campaigns. Brands and companies looking for quality photos to accompany digital content are often confronted with lean options. They can find a photo through a Google Image search, which will likely lead to a copyright infringement notice and a fee of thousands of dollars. The smarter and typically more expensive option is to secure a licensing agreement with a major photo agency.

Foap allows companies to buy engaging quality images royalty free through their “Missions” feature. Companies can post projects they need fulfilled and through the Foap community, users and participants will submit photos. Volvo, Priceline and Sony Entertainment have all used Foap photos for their campaigns. As the company can determine how much they compensate the photographer, it’s not only less expensive, but you end up with an array of options.

For a campaign Mango did, the company received over 1800 photos and rewarded three photographers a total of $850 in Mango giftcards.

Cord: Cord is working to bring back the power of the voice and explore how we verbally communicate on today’s always-on devices. Voice is the sole purpose and main attraction of the Cord app. In an office setting, it can be used as a paging system, very similarly to how the Nextel was once used. Using corporate telephones requires more steps than ideal when relaying simple, timely messages. Use thie Cord app to tell your colleague where the meeting location got switched to, when that deck is due and that you’re running late.

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