Last week, The Wall Street Journal announced that VaynerRSE has created BRaVe Ventures. THE B, R, V standing for media veterans, David Beck, Jesse Redniss and Gary Vaynerchuk.

BRaVe, a firm that will provide strategic advisory and accelerator services to emerging and established players in the media, technology and entertainment sectors comes at a time where the entertainment landscape, is in the midst of a massive shift of digitizing, integrating social media and embracing a multiple screen “wherever/whenever” consumer first approach. BRaVe will work with clients to identify new technologies that can change how viewers consume and engage with digital media. Clients and strategic partners already include Mashwork/Canvs.TV, Watchwith, Spredfast, Clasp.TV, ListenFirst Media, Contend Co. ,VaynerMedia, Marks Entertainment and GLOW.

The company’s founders’ extensive experience in the industry will allow them to revolutionize media as it exists today. Prior to BRaVe, Jesse, Emmy nominated and Short Award-winning storyteller worked as Chief Strategy Officer at Mass Relevence and SVP of Digital at USA Network. David’s background spans strategy consulting at Bain & Company and General Manager of Social Media at Univision where he was named Social Marketer of the Year in 2014. And then there’s our VRSE partner, Gary, a passionate entrepreneur and social media guru, who redefined digital marketing back in 2009 with the creation of his social media agency, VaynerMedia.

As part of BRaVe’s strategy, it will also work with startups that demonstrate the potential to advance the media space, investing in and incubating specific companies as they see fit. These companies will embody a sense of expertise and leadership on specific BRaVe goals and tactics including analytics & measurement, screen unification, social aggregation, content development and the list goes on.

This is a unique project for us as it truly hits the sweet spot of everything we are working to accomplish. We’re committed to enhancing the fan experience and redefining how media & entertainment is viewed today. A significant aspect of our incubation and investment strategy has been to continue to fill in these gaps. From the ICC to FanVision and PrePlay to Fahlo and Applauze, we are working to understand an array of audiences and simplify what they want, and from there, provide it.

Digital has become a constant priority for brands, and we are going to see media changing rapidly in the near future. Social platforms alone have made watching everything from breaking news to television programs revolve around hashtags and social conversations. Networks and content creators are collaborating with the audience to drive the digital evolution of entertainment and engagement.

BRaVe has entered the picture at a great time and will work to bring all of these aspects of digital media together. There are many directions media companies and brands can choose to take while re-thinking a modernized strategy and how to welcome the future into it.

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