The Future of Communication

It wasn’t too long ago where many of us sat there wondering if one day humankind would simply eliminate speaking as a form of communication. As we sat side by side texting, emailing, tweeting, posting, poking, pinning and yes, even snapping, it seemed like we could successfully communicate without verbalization. But a time may be coming, where we yearn to exercise our vocal cords once again. We’ll be able to walk down the street while communicating without tripping and drive while still being able to catch up on correspondence. That’s where our newest investment Cord Project will come in to play. Founded by former Google Creative Lab leads, Jeff Baxter and Thomas Gayno, today the start-up announced that they closed $1.8 million in seed round funding.

Remember when those clunky Nextel devices were ubiquitous? Well it wasn’t for their aesthetic, but the simplicity of pressing a button and speaking instantly to the other end. A voice being immediately sent back to you. And there it was: an instant vocal conversation.

As ancient as the Nextel sounds to most of us, it didn’t officially shut down till June of 2013 and according to CNNMoney, 5.4 million customers still remained on the network till that March. As we speak less and less while relying on practical yet flat communication, the emotion and speed of voice has been lost.

Cord Project is working to bring back the power of the voice and explore how we verbally communicate on today’s always-on devices. Unlike other messaging apps, Cord is taking a more simplistic approach so that voice is the sole focus of their app.

As screens get smaller and smaller, and may even become non-existent as wearables become more widely used, voice will unquestionably be making a comeback. We’re looking forward to see the Cord team’s findings and the apps they will be bringing to the market.
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