The Latest Vayner/RSE Investment: Spring

Bill Gurley had a terrific blog post last year detailing the early stages of the consumer platform switch from desktop to mobile. At that time, the shift was in the process of creating a first wave of mobile centric business like Instagram, Uber, Snapchat and Supercell all capitalizing on emerging desire for mobile design, simplicity and instant communication.

And this was just the beginning.

The mobile platform shift continues to spread and mature as consumers become increasingly comfortable with (and dependent upon) mobile communication, discovery and commerce. This in turn continues to create business opportunities for newly imagined companies artfully navigating this platform evolution, rethinking traditional business models (and inventing new ones) for the mobile consumer. As investors we are big believers in the magnitude of this shift and opportunity it presents, which is what has us so excited about our latest investment, Spring, which launched last week.

If you have ever tried shopping on the web from your phone, you know what a painful experience it can be finding new products and then executing a transaction. Spring is solving this. Aggregating brands (a mobile marketplace where brands exist on the same platform but control their own inventory and vibe) while layering on a simple, seamless and uniform check out is a refreshing proposition. Combined with Spring’s photo laden design aesthetic, the native app transforms the online shopping process by creating a verticalized search, discovery and check out process for the phone.

We are thrilled to be part of the team and see the product and mobile shopping experience evolve.

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