Loans on “DeFi”, or decentralised finance, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platforms have exploded since the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis as investors seek out returns in a low-interest world. According to DeFi Pulse, DeFi loans have risen more than seven-fold since March to $3.7 billion.

Even though the DeFi industry has noted strong growth in recent months, it is perhaps surprising therefore to discover that Bitcoin holders have had no way to fully participate.

DeFi Lending

DeFi lending has a number of useful benefits including:

  • Hedging: To limit risk in the volatile price swings that are common in cryptocurrency markets, or to…

We are pleased to announce that IOV Labs has joined Hyperledger, an open source blockchain effort hosted by the Linux Foundation. As part of our efforts to advance business blockchain adoption through global open source collaboration, Hyperledger is a perfect fit to our business model as IOV’s ethos is closely aligned with Linux value proposition.

RSK & RIF have been constantly working on multiple use cases such as financial inclusion through blockchain technology, self sovereign identities, blockchain for social impact with a vast array of projects that we endorse and help in many different ways. …

Bleumi Pay (by Bleumi) an all-in-one global digital currency payment platform for businesses to accept digital currency payments online and send digital currency payouts including microtransactions, has recently integrated RSK technology.

According to Bleumi’s proposal, payment systems that we use today were designed more than a half-century ago and the way we transfer and distribute value has lots of room for improvement.

Bleumi Pay could provide a much-needed upgrade, significantly reducing friction (unnecessary fees, call centers, faxes, delays, privacy breaches, and generally antiquated processes) and providing more delightful and modern user experience.

The audiences they are targeting include the following:

EVShare is a consortium of leaders in Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Distributed Energy Resources (DERS), high energy-density batteries and energy management. EVShare exists to create cleaner, healthier, sustainable and more liveable cities. It will achieve this vision through a set of solutions developed and deployed in partnership with its multiple partners and solution providers. …

We are happy to announce that the new .rsk name registration process is live. Now names of more than 5 characters can be purchased instantly — the auction model has already been deactivated.

Why RIF Name Service?

RNS is the first domain name service secured by Bitcoin network. As you use your domain name to identify your web page or your mail address to identify your email box, you can use your RNS name to identify your crypto wallet.

Want to know more? Read this post.

How do I get a .rsk name?

.rsk domains can be acquired via RNS Manager. …

SIMBA Chain, a leading Smart Contract as a Service (SCaaS) provider for enterprise and government, has added RSK to its dynamic platform. RSK, the first smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin Network, is the most secure and functional Bitcoin sidechain used to create and manage smart contracts. Through merged mining, miners can further monetize without additional hardware requirements.

Developers with no coding experience can now build and deploy decentralized applications on RSK using SIMBA Chain’s intuitive interface and custom API.

‘SIMBA’s mission is to grow blockchain adoption by making it easier for enterprise and government customers to build and…

SeSocio (literally “be a partner” in spanish) is the leading latin american investment marketplace that allows small and medium investors to access investment opportunities that were previously unavailable to them. Buying 1 dollar-worth of a Manhattan apartment, buying a piece of a truck to generate monthly income or financing an exciting new start-up is no longer a dream.

SeSocio has just raised 9.1 million dollars with Investoland. Let´s quickly analyze what SeSocio is all about:

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

We are democratizing the field of investments and allowing everybody to take part. With the current…

RIF Name Service provides an architecture which enables the identification of blockchain resources by human-readable names.

Centralizing the access to multiple resources associated with human-readable names improves the blockchain platform user experience. As resources may change over time, the system is flexible enough to support frequent changes.

RIF Directory Protocol

To summarize, it is a protocol that allows users to acquire commercial domains that can be associated with decentralized or centralized resources such as webpages, or an alias that can be uniquely associated with personal resources (e.g. wallet, storage, or communication addresses). …

Can you briefly describe your solution?

MoneyOnChain combines a BTC collateralized stablecoin with an interest bearing token for BTC holders and a leveraged Bitcoin product.

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Money On Chain wants to solve the biggest need of the crypto world. We solve the volatility problem with a transparent solution.

Who is your audience?

We target three Bitcoin users based on their appetite for risk:

-A Bitcoin-collateralized stablecoin: for those who desire more stability.

-A product for Bitcoin holders: for those who wish to earn a passive income and can bear some risk on…

Can you briefly describe your solution?

Carnes ValidadasⓇ is a global, multiservice, multispecies blockchain technology platform running over RSK Blockchain that provides traceability validations and serves as a channel for transferring value to the consumer from producers and agents who are part of the global value chain.

It is a comprehensive solution that transforms productive, transactional and documentary processes into virtual blockchains.

It will debut with the use case of Carnes Bovinas Argentinas. It is based on individual identification of the animals and will provide transparency and clarity to the meat production process, from the animal breeding to the consumer…

RSK: Smarter Bitcoin

RSK is the first open-source smart contract platform with a 2-way peg to Bitcoin. 1 Year Mainnet Live.

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