Carnes Validadas, Koibanx & RSK join forces to provide end-to-end traceability within the meat production industry

RSK: Smarter Bitcoin

Can you briefly describe your solution?

Carnes ValidadasⓇ is a global, multiservice, multispecies blockchain technology platform running over RSK Blockchain that provides traceability validations and serves as a channel for transferring value to the consumer from producers and agents who are part of the global value chain.

It is a comprehensive solution that transforms productive, transactional and documentary processes into virtual blockchains.

It will debut with the use case of Carnes Bovinas Argentinas. It is based on individual identification of the animals and will provide transparency and clarity to the meat production process, from the animal breeding to the consumer. The aim is to offer the consumer a differentiated product containing information about who, how, when and in what way it was produced.

Market intelligence and continuous improvement tools will complement this process. This will allow livestock producers to align their production with consumer demand.

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Recent studies conducted within the European Union refer to how consumer demand for transparency is shaping the food industry and how consumers are willing to switch brands if another brand provides more detailed information on the products they are consuming. They do not trust food labels and place a high value on having access to a product’s complete list of ingredients when deciding what food to buy.

Consumers do not trust the way in which brands currently provide product information, with 75% of people surveyed stating they do not trust the accuracy of food labels.

Carnes ValidadasⓇ will be the communication channel between producers and consumers, providing transparency and clarity to the food production and manufacturing process. Its blockchain can uphold values such as sustainability, ethical food production, food safety and traceability of the food consumed.

Who is your audience?

This is aimed at satisfying the 21st-century consumers, who are increasingly more interested in consuming sustainable products from all over the world. We are focused on global consumers: we hear what they are trying to say, why they are saying it, and we respond accordingly.

Why is that important?

It is important because today’s consumers are developing different values when it comes to making purchasing decisions. The products they consume must be healthy, safe, provide a positive social and environmental impact and must carry transparent information regarding the production, processing, marketing and transportation chains.

Why did you choose RSK to build it?

It is built on top of Bitcoin´s blockchain which makes it the most secure smart contracts network.

RSK: Smarter Bitcoin

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RSK is the first open-source smart contract platform with a 2-way peg to Bitcoin. 1 Year Mainnet Live.

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