We’re Falling Behind on Family Planning: Five Ways To Get Us Back On Track
Melinda Gates

Thanks for the update on this important issue. The struggle continues on both sides of the gender fence regarding the unintended consequences of increased gender equity. Gender Equity “sensitivity and etiquette” by both men and women is one aspect of this struggle. Insensitive remarks are one of my short comings and lack of situational awareness and appropriateness is one that I have noticed with women. I can occur in something as simple as a highly technical dental continuing education lecture I attended recently with children in attendance. Women with special forces, as a flat prohibition base on gender, is another struggle that seems to be part of the old ways that die hard just because we lack that ability to get out of our comfort zone, see the real possibilities of improvement in the ability to accomplish the mission, and than solve the problems that are presented.

Access for women to control their reproductive capability is essential, if we are to manage our world and alleviate the desperation of a large portion of world’s population. Thank you for your continuing efforts in this regard and I am continuing to work to strike a balance between the old ways and new reality that gender equity must advance, if were are to generate a stable world that is sustainable.

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