14 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Venice

See Venice and die…or is that old adage see Naples and die?

Whatever the case, if you plan to travel any place in this world, the romantic Italian city of Venice should be high on your list of destinations. With the divine buildings, the unique form of transportation and an incredible ambiance, Venice has it all and will entrance you immediately.

Venice will eventually disappear under water within the next 100 years. This is true for any city residing along the Thames estuary: the land is sinking and the water is rising. So you better go before it’s too late!

If you’re still not convinced then here are 14 reasons why you need to visit Venice soon.

Photo by John Fowler via Flickr.

1. The Grand Canal

Dubbed as the most beautiful highway in the world, the Grand Canal forms one of the major water-traffic corridors in Venice. Individuals get around the city through water busses, private water taxis or the iconic gondola.

2. Each Canal You See

Every canal that comes your way and each bridge you cross is simply marvelous to look at. You could just stand at each canal or bridge and take hundreds of photos that are unique in their own way.

Photo by Lee Coursey via Flickr.

3. Spending Extra Cash (and Time) at Produce Markets

Do you have a little bit of extra cash or time at your disposal? If you do then be sure to venture over to its produce markets and look at what vegetable and fruit is grown locally, what’s in season and even discover a recipe or two from the locals.

Photo by L.C. Nøttaasen via Flickr.

4. Restaurants, Bistros & Cafes

When you think of an out-of-the-way café, you conjure up a romantic bistro that is tucked away somewhere and offers the freshest of foods. Well, each restaurant bistro and café in Venice is an out-of-the-way diner, but it’s still busy. This is one of the best sights to see.

Tip: whatever another customer orders, order the same thing in Italian!

5. Narrow Streets & Valleys

Some tourists who have visited Venice liken the classical city to a maze of narrow streets and valleys. They’re simply incredible. You can just walk and walk and have the greatest of times.

Photo by Francesca Cappa via Flickr.

6. Nighttime in Venice

Whether it’s St. Marks Place and San Marco Square or on the banks of Canal, taking in Venice at night is an experience in itself. As all of the tourists have gone to their hotels and the residents have returned to their beds, you can have all of Venice to yourself.

7. The Magic of the Renaissance

Venice contains a wealth of magic. Titians, Tintorettos and other masterpieces are hidden away in residential neighborhoods, churches and other landmarks. You can to take a trip back to the Renaissance by simply stepping foot in Venice.

8. Coffee & Wine & Food

Coffee, cicchetti and white wines are just some of the exquisite food and beverages served up in Venice.

Photo by Stefano Montagner via Flickr.

9. Carnevale in Winter

February and March are the best months to visit Venice. Tourists are unlikely to go there. Also, there is the Carnevale, a celebration of fairy tales and fantasy. Bring a mask and take to the streets and you’ll be amazed.

Photo by Gnuckx via Flickr.

10. Venetian Masks

Speaking of Carnevale, the Venetian masks are works of arts. You’ll find a ton of Venetian masks in small stores across the city. If you grab one souvenir it would be a Venetian mask.

11. La Biennale

Every two years, Venetians celebrate La Biennale, an arts, architecture and festival that celebrates a different theme since 1874.

12. Museums, Churches and Palaces

Visiting Venice can be similar to traveling back in time. During your stay, be sure to visit the dozens of churches, museums and palaces that can be found in every part of the glorious city.

Photo by Jon Mountjoy via Flickr.

13. Colorful

When you walk through the residential parts of Venice, you will come across a lot of buildings that are colorful. Everything from purple to yellow, green to blue, every living quarters has its own unique charm. There is one particular neighborhood (hint, hint): Burano.

14. Love

You will see nearly everyone in Venice in love. It seems as if being alone is a foreign concept in Venice. It’s even more amazing if you are traveling there with someone you love.

Final Thoughts

Venice is one of the uniquest cities to visit during your trek around the world. It’s more unique than New York City, London or Beijing. There is something in the air, in every corner of Venice that makes your heart aflutter. You’ll never forget your trip to Venice. Yep, it’s certainly see Venice and die!

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