Top Ten ‘Pet Peeves’ Among Pros

  1. Berating the fish for how badly they played, especially while you are raking the Winning Pot!

- No Teaching at the Table Please! Making the fish feel uncomfortable and unwelcome at the table is the worst thing you can do as a Player and everyone will and does hate you for it so avoid doing so like the plague!!

2. Slamming the table at the run-out of the flop.

- Detachment equals Flow. When you are attached to the outcome you are limiting your happiness, the number of people that want to connect with you and hence benefit you and the amount of opportunities that come your way, e.g. home game invites. Look at seriously removing this negative trait from your game for your own benefit as well as the table’s. I have written about how to overcome these steps here.

3. Moaning about a Bad Beat.

- All Bad Beat Stories are unwelcome, no-one cares about them and they make you seem self-centred and boring, stop with it already!

4. Slow-rolling at showdown

- Regardless on who’s to act if you have a solid holding turn it over please or at least announce it if you wish not to show it right away!

5. Bad hygiene at the table.

- People get barred for such thing as biting at their nails and then handling the cards. Some decorum please!

6. Leering over any and all female staff in the Casino.

- No sexism please. These ladies are here for their profession too and looking lovely is just a bonus that no-one wants to put a damper on!

7. Not enjoying yourself or the game.

- Punters come out to have fun in the game and enjoy themselves. If you want to wallow do so at home online!

8. Making no Effort.

- Interacting and saying hello are not big asks and can go a long way for your game. I have written a piece with detail on this and the other Top Tips that every great Player makes the most of to maximize their Win-rate, available for download at our website:

9. Timing Down Unnecessarily!

- This is a huge tendency that Tournament players have adopted in the context of balancing Timing ranges and dare I say it, get extra TV Time. If you’re going to 3 bet get on with it and we all know when you’re folding so cut the Hollywood-ing out, you’re not Matt Damon bro!

10. Hit and Running when you just won a big hand.

  • We understand that you may feel outside your Comfort Zone by playing deep but it damages the game when the opportunities at the table are made to feel little more than cash dispensers. Sit and fold for 2 rounds if you have to, just don’t make it so obvious!

Improving all these things will not only bring more opportunity and insight from fellow Pros and staff in the game, but you will grow exponentially in the Game and Beyond if you start with cutting them from your arsenal!

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