Matt is a man of many titles.

Who will you RUN into next?

Meet Matt Kershaw, SVP, Client Strategy

When Matt is not at home watching re-runs of The Bachelor, you can find him playing hockey with the boys, watching Cuse’ (the almost March Madness champs), or just laying low with his wife. As a new resident to the burbs, Matt is one step closer to walking outside to the smell of fresh air and knowing a mysterious liquid substance from a pre-war, NYC building will not drip down and ruin his day.

Matt currently sits at the intersection of Sales, Product, and Partnerships, leading RUN’s client strategy efforts in-market.

His day-to-day varies from meeting with our agency counterparts on new business initiatives to connecting with agency executives on how they can best leverage RUN to validating RUN’s business development opportunities.

Given his expertise is in high-demand across all levels both in-house and externally, he’s a hard man to track down!

As many people can attest, Matt is a man of many titles. To name a few:

SVP Client Strategy

RUN’s Resident Wordsmith

Matty Meetings

Perennial Fantasy Football Runner-Up

Why did you choose to come to RUN?

As a lifetime agency guy, I was ready to expand my horizons and learn more about the ‘other side’ of our industry. At the time, 2+ years ago now, I had met with some early RUN employees and after chatting, I really thought the product addressed some meaningful challenges for advertisers, particularly person-based measurement and data application, and the story behind the platform was differentiated in the market. I also think I had some new positioning considerations that I shared with the team, so it was a match made in advertising heaven.

What does your day to day look like? What projects do you work on?

As our head of Client Strategy, I manage our pre-sales team and oversee the strategic responses we provide to potential and existing clients, as well as collaborate internally with our product and platform teams to ensure we’re building for both current and future marketplace needs. Presently, I’m working on corporate and market positioning as well as building business cases for several RUN products, including our upcoming new-and-improved location targeting and attribution solution and RUN PMP.

What are you most passionate about in the ad tech space?

At a high level, I remain a steadfast believer in the power of technology and data to solve real advertiser issues, and I truly think RUN has tools that clients should believe in. More tactically, anyone at RUN would tell you my two soapboxes are person-based reach and location accuracy. Both of those solutions have a lot of runway for improvement and adoption in my opinion.

What is the coolest place you ever traveled to?

I feel very lucky to have traveled to some great places. In no particular order: The Greek islands, northern Italy, Thailand, Rio de Janeiro, Australia (East and West Coast) … and Munich for Oktoberfest (thanks RUN!)

Would you rather have a mullet or a rat tail and why?

Rat tail. In emergency situations you could hide it, but there is absolutely no hiding a mullet. Or, you know — just own the rat tail. Classic look, some might say.

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