We don’t know what is actually in the proposal as it has not yet been discussed and amended.
Mark Marlboro

Title X, USAID, and the Teen Pregnancy Prevention grant program will not be in the healthcare bill. They are 3 entirely separate bills; they have never been in any proposed healthcare bills & have never been discussed as part of a healthcare bill. What we do know: 1) Trump has already signed a bill (in Aug) allowing states to cut Title X funding for Planned Parenthood Clinics; 2) His 1st EO was reinstating the global gag rule; 3) He cut global health funding by 25%; and 4) He already announced that he’s ending the Teen Pregnancy Prevention grants two years early. All of this has already been done, independently of any action on the ACA/”Trumpcare”.

So yes, this is based on a leak — as I stated in the title and throughout the article. However, Trump has already started to take action on all three pieces of legislation/funding streams that I mentioned in the article. So it’s a matter of how far he’ll take it, not whether or not he’ll do it. (And we also know that his senior HHS officials are anti-abortion, anti-birth control, and pro-abstinence-only education).

Again, the healthcare bill is a separate (4th) piece of legislation. Even without knowing anything about it, we know that the aforementioned changes to Title X, global aid, & teen pregnancy prevention grants have already happened and will not be reversed by any healthcare bill. We also know for sure that Trump signed an EO to let insurers deny birth control coverage (and it’s worth noting that this was included in a previous leaked memo; while I wouldn’t equate a leaked memo wth final legislation, there is a clear pattern of following through on what’s included in these leaked drafts).

So this is not just based on a piece of paper, and it’s not subject to change when/if a healthcare bill gets passed.