New to Medium? Me Too! Here’s What I Do

Find Blogs

What sets Medium apart from other sites is the ease of finding useful posts, the clean layout, and the readability. Medium succeeds not only when viewed on a beautiful, high definition monitor or laptop screen, but also on the all-important mobile platform.

When searching for content to read, start with the Editors’ Picks. Then, make your way to the ‘Tags’ that interest you the most. Select titles that stick out and open the posts in a new tab. This way you can create a nice list of several posts in your reading queue.

Take notes. If you come across a new idea or something that sticks out to you, document it. Whether it’s Evernote, Google Drive, Notes App on your phone, or your daily journal. Writing it down helps you remember it, and also provides a place for ideas that you may want to refer back to in the future.

The layout of Medium is beautiful, plain, and simple. It’s easy to like, share, and bookmark posts. Authors make the best use of the site’s design when they write potent sentences, short paragraphs, and take advantage of all the white space and readability.

If you read a post you really like, click the heart at the bottom of the page. Click the author’s profile link, and see if they’ve written other posts you may like. Follow authors who write thought-provoking content. Medium promotes good authors and great content with the help of readers like you.

Start Writing!

Why not give it a try? The purpose of Medium is for people to share stories and ideas. Everyone has a story. Everyone has an idea. Everyone knows something that the rest of us do not.

Start with a simple topic. Keep it brief. Add an eye catching title. Separate ideas using subtitles. Paragraphs should be no more than 4 sentences (this paragraph is longer than 4 sentences…). Take advantage of the readability of the site.

Get inspired. Write down your ideas. Start sharing them with the rest of us!

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