Five Things That Make a Good Asphalt Driveway

Raymond Wolk
Aug 1, 2017 · 2 min read

When getting a high-quality asphalt driveway made by the likes of Raymond Wolk Paving, there are several things to consider. If driveways aren’t designed and constructed properly, they can be faulty and hard to fix at a later time.

R Wolk Paving knows what to look for when creating asphalt driveways, which includes the following:


An asphalt driveway must have an adequate foundation before it’s created. This includes having a solid subgrade and building a strong aggregate base. Soggy clay or soft soil must be removed and replaced with a stone base for a properly stabilized driveway.


When water drainage isn’t sufficient, your driveway will experience problems. Raymond Wolk Paving is always sure to drain water away from the edge of the pavement. A French drain — a trench filled with rock or gravel that has a pipe to redirect water — is one way R Wolk Paving accomplishes proper drainage when constructing an asphalt driveway.


Raymond Wolk Paving understands how important it is have the appropriate materials for constructing an asphalt driveway. Not all paving contractors ensure that their driveway mix is the best material for the job, but R Wolk Paving knows to work with driveway mixes that have more asphalt binder and less air voids than highway mixes. Some mixes are finer and smoother than others and might look prettier to some, but durability is what’s most important when finding the right asphalt mix for driveways.

Construction Practices

Raymond Wolk Paving takes pride in its asphalt driveway workmanship. Top-notch compacting and tamping of seams and joints is prioritized, as well as using a tack coat to prevent potholes or pavement failures.


Although a solid paving job by R Wolk Paving shouldn’t need much maintenance, but keeping up with normal wear-and-tear on your driveway is critical. In order to keep asphalt driveways looking as good as new, regular maintenance such as improving drainage features and sealing cracks should be performed.

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