Let’s Take a Few Minutes to Think About How Society Uses Women’s Naked Bodies to Undermine Them…
Shirley McPhaul

Excellent article! I’m definitely on board here, and I love your thoughts on the matter. Apparently — as a society — we’ve come to view feminism and women’s rights through the same immature lens as everything else.

We can’t see that the real goal is literally just to treat all humans equally. Ideally, we wouldn’t even need to fight for women’s rights because we would all have exactly the same rights, period.

This includes our treatment, esteem and respect in society.

Our “solutions” are full of silly obligatory “moral” overcompensation.

  • Some argue that nudity and sexuality are totally separate, which is the case at times, and not at others. Both are okay!
  • We can’t seem to figure out that deriving sexual pleasure from someone (even just their image) and objectifying them are not synonyms.
  • We can’t seem to even fathom the idea that a woman is capable of deciding to put her sexuality into the world because she wants to. This doesn’t make her less! This makes her pretty brave, actually — given how immature society still is on the matter.

Women have no more reason to feel ashamed of sexuality than men do, which is pretty much no reason at all if you’ve hit any level of maturity.

I could go on and on in defense of treating women like awesome, capable human beings at all times. For now, if you want to read more of my thoughts on the matter, I recently wrote a relevant piece here on dealing with our repressive views of sexuality and nudity.

Thanks for spreading your positive perspective, Shirley!

We can get out of this rut of old, outdated, mutated “values” and start to embrace and respect every aspect of ourselves — our sexuality included.

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