Your theory lacks one important point.
Igor Fishbeyn

I notice that Jeremy responded with much of what I was going to point out, so I’ll add this:

Tests and experiments with UBI in cities across the globe have consistently shown that the only people who work noticeably less are new mothers (great thing) and young people focusing on school (another great thing.) Otherwise, work continued, drug and alcohol abuse didn’t skyrocket, people started way more small businesses and hospitalization dropped.

Welfare is broken and encourages inaction FAR more than UBI ever could. Quite frankly, we need fewer jobs and more socially valuable work these days anyway, and will continue to in the days to come. With this plan in place, we can actually find the time and energy to solve the ecological crisis, balance favor of personality types (we’re not all natural-born businessmen,) and finally be free of the work-induced stress, depression, mental illness and even suicide that comes from toiling away all your time and energy into basic survival.

Also, crappy jobs will have to become less crappy so we have more incentive to do them. As a result, wages will be more fair and work conditions will have to improve. Otherwise, Burger King could just go out of business and we’d all be a little healthier :)

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