What Happened When a Man Said He Hadn’t Had Sex in Two Years
Carrie Allie

In the context of dating, I think you gave this chap far more than he should expect in the contemporary landscape. You engaged across multiple media…you established the ground rules for a follow up…when you felt the switch go off, you didn’t humiliate him by bailing in the middle of dinner…and most importantly, when the time came, you said “we aren’t compatible” as opposed to issuing iPhone silence in the days to follow.

You didn’t treat him like a therapy client, which is NOT your responsibility. But you did treat him like a human being, which is.

You can reject me after a bad date anytime.

PS. Gentlemen, if ever there was an insight as to why you must make at least a concerted effort to pay for the entire meal, this is it. Screw whatever you believe to be the conventional wisdom…you ask her out, you pay for dinner. End of story.

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