These are all fantastic films.
Matthew McDonald

Thanks Matthew! Sadly, Major League was cut from the list last night at about 1am, when I realized the story had already reached a 9 min reading time…

I had Major League, The Rookie, and The Natural all queued up for the honorable mention section, and I admittedly lost steam. Mr Baseball certainly deserves to be there too!

It’s such a fun topic, thanks for joining in. And HUGE congrats to you and the Cubbies. What an amazing and special team…I think you all are going to be giving the rest of the NL fits for years to come. And you certainly deserve a better movie than Rookie of the Year. I feel sort of guilty about maligning it in the story…it’s certainly a cute flick, features the late, great John Candy, and the kids love it…but I just can’t sit through the “float” pitch at the end anymore without cringing. I should probably get over it : )

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