Expiration Date

I am here to pose a question

I am here on the elbow grease of the equestrian

On the foreclosed lease of a now homeless pedestrian

What would you do if you could see your expiration date?

Tattooed on your forehead like a game of clue

My brother, my sister it is up to you

Tell that young man about to drop out of school without a hope

That it is his only tool To put his future under a microscope so he can, scope

We all can’t cope but we say we could if we know

Well don’t we? Don’t you know that date is as unpredictable as a hurricanes wake?

Then do something about it stop being selfish

Human beings with the exteriors of shell fish

Armored and on guard missing your opportunity to tell your brother he will go far

My heart beats hard more like concrete then a drum

But let me be the only one

And let me be the one to tell you

You can see your day in the sun or the deluge