Why Windows 10 told me Apple Needs to Kill the Mac App Store and Introduce a Universal App Store

I have always owned Apple devices starting with my iPhone 4. I went on to own an iPhone 5s, 6, 6s, an iPad mini, iPad Air 2, a MacBook Pro, and an Apple Watch. I can never envision leaving this ecosystem of which all my data is engrained within. However there has been one facet of Apple that has always frustrated me; this is the Mac App Store.

Comparatively to its little brother iOS and it’s App Store the Mac App Store is a complete failure and it should hurt Apples feelings. Developers have long heralded its failure due to immense restrictions and as a user this can not be more clear than through app-availability statistics. Take a look at this screen pulled from “Appshopper.com”

As you can see there are only about 567K possible Mac Apps (including Universal) as opposed to over 2M possible iOS apps. What does this mean? This means there is only about a 22% chance an App you downloaded on your iPad or iPhone will be available as an App on your Mac. For a company that reinvented the App Store? 22%? As successful and as innovative (and as long) as the iOS App Store has been dominating the App game, this 22% is and should be viewed as a catastrophic failure, and in my opinion the solution has been staring at the Apple folks for years.

It is time to create a Universal App Store. Windows 10 has done this with its inception in July. So with assistance from Boot Camp+ my unbridled desire to have iOS style apps on my MacBook — I decided to install Windows 10 on my MacBook Pro; which, for a non-traditional computer gamer like myself, has been a $2K+device long used simply for Internet browsing and productivity apps like Word for Mac.

This simplicity of use has now changed forever with my installation of Windows 10. With it I have been granted access into the world of Windows 10 universal apps and they are everything you want in modern-computer apps. Specifically they feel like iOS apps running on my MacBook Pro which I have forever envisioned and dreamed of. But it is not Apple I can thank for this. It is not Apple that is allowing me to achieve this bliss, it is Microsoft and Windows 10. With it I have, on my MacBook, been able to use apps like Netflix and Hulu which have been HQ and much more UI friendly then the .com versions of themselves that traditional OSX users are forced to use. I have been able to download and play iPhone games like Crossy Road [and play them on my MacBook] through this new Windows 10 App Store. It has been brilliant and it is time for Apple to adapt.

They have integrated their iOS devices with the likes of iOS 8/9, and watchOS, however OSX has been left out of this integration besides 1 lonely feature that is only good for Apple pre-installed apps called Hand-Off, which lets iOS users hand-off an iOS app to another iOS device or OSX device if applicable. Except therein lies the problem — almost all 0f the name-brand third party apps I use on iOS, the Netflix-big names, don’t exist on the Mac App Store so the integration for Apple still really solely relies on iOS devices (and Apple Watch) only.

I do not own any other Windows 10 devices at the moment, when my Xbox One receives its Windows 10 update in November that will be my only other Windows 10 device other than my Mac-Boot Camp assisted Windows 10 Machine, so I cannot speak to the syncing-to-all-devices aspect of Windows 10 yet but what I can speak to is having iOS style apps running on my MacBook: Spoiler, it has been amazing. I haven’t even mentioned the fact that I can now stream Xbox One games to my MacBook with Windows 10, but with the new Windows 10 universal-style theme this should come as no surprise.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 integration of apps is truly something to envy if you are an avid Apple ecosystem member like myself and have forever been dreaming of the day iOS style apps come to our MacBook Pro. Until the day Apple decides to kill the Mac App Store for a Universal App Store like Windows 10; well thankfully there is a solution and you can get iOS style apps on your MacBook right now;

Install Windows 10 and enjoy :)