5 Business Strategies You Should Never Follow

You want an explosive growth of your startup to stand out in the world abundant of ideas, innovation and startups. And you are following the Internet which the entire world follows. Entrepreneurs, you can’t catalyze growth merely by following those growth hackers’ videos.

Strategies! We all have it. Business. Game. Life. Everywhere. To make the most of it. In the least possible efforts, time and resources. 
When it comes to business, you have strategies too. For an exponential growth of your idea- Your Startup. And if you still miss out on something, you google it out. And if the internet says something, half of the world believes it.

Let’s burst those myths:

Certifications for niche Industry

This is an era where you can be certified with whatever you want to. But they don’t translate your caliber. If you try those certifications to leverage for opportunities, the fact is you will be disappointed. Yes. You will be. Degrees or Diplomas won’t help if you don’t have it in you. And Degrees and Diplomas won’t matter if you have it in you. So try going for a social and real proof of the aspect you want to work in and excel.

Making Connections with the Industry Influencers and Leaders

There was a time where building networks took you to achieve milestones. But believe me, it won’t take you anywhere if your work doesn’t do well. Influencers do have effective networks which might give exposure to your business. But exposure beyond a point, will never help you outgrow your business. The chances of making it through, merely with connections is pretty slim. So why have our hopes dependent on this slight possibility? Why not build an amazing product instead? You got me. Sigh!

Too much of Social Media

Yes, Social Media is one new trend these days for businesses too. And it is one of the most effective and convenient ways to reach out your customers and know bits about the feedbacks regarding your product. Contrary to this, it might cost you bad if used extensively. Being on every social media platform makes no sense. So don’t be swayed by any random agency which sells you their marketing services, convincing how your social media sucks. You get convinced too. you get wowed by the sudden rise in ‘Likes’ & ‘Following’. Sorry Social Media People, but I can buy them in few pounds. Let organic engagement speak up.

Marketing to someone you interacted in the past

In the era of networking and building up connections in your business, you come across many people. It isn’t necessary that the people you connect with, recognize you, after all, they meet and interact so many like you. So what differentiates you and make you recognizable? Putting them in your e-mail marketing list? NO. The idea of marketing to people just because you have interacted or met in the past at some event or something is a terrible idea. It’s shady. Who would not get annoyed for something they didn’t even sign up for? Entrepreneurs, run away from this strategy else you might end up making people run away from your business.

Reaching the UN-INTERESTED set of customers

You have an amazing idea. You have a brilliant product. And this is meant for a specific set of people and not everybody. So before knowing your customers, KNOW your customers. There are very slight chances of converting cold calls into hot leads. The people who don’t need your product would never use it. As simple as that. So why to waste time and resource targeting them. Instead, utilize that time to growing the INTERESTED set of customers and retaining them.

Well, Well my entrepreneurs! Don’t just follow the internet blindly. Growth myths might seem to be beneficial but you must realize- it isn’t. The sooner, the better.

There is no rulebook to making strategies. There is no ‘Perfectly Correct’ strategy. Entrepreneurs, out of your experience, frame strategies that fit into your business aptly. After all nobody, NOBODY understands your business better than you.