New Year: Bid Bye STEVE STYLE

Steve Jobs. Oh, who doesn’t know him? An inspiration to so many, his riveting story, his iconic persona- who people looked up to. His words have always been a catalyst to the dreamers. So speaks up his book and the quote “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”.

It’s no surprise that the mystical quality of his last words- OH WOW, OH WOW, OH WOW left people pondering.

What might have he meant? Is it possible to decode? Let’s try. In the process of decryption let’s see the motivation bulk coming from this pioneer himself.
He might be giving insights about the information on the other side which he might be able to see, which we could not. He left us in astonishment in totality. He might have summed up his entire journey of his life in these monosyllables, repeated thrice.
His biological sister who is a novelist writes that his breath indicated an arduous journey, some steep path, altitude and he seemed to be climbing. It seemed to be purposeful. Death did not happen to him, he achieved it.

Though the exact meaning of Jobs’ last utterance is extremely difficult to jot down but it could be taken in a deep sense of optimism. As the new year approaches, I wish each one of you to not make the next year the clone of this year. Let’s never forget our childhood dream, and our determination which faded with the passage of time day by day. Take risks, love what you do. Because you when you do what you are passionate about, you no longer feel you’re working and love every bit of it. Turn your passion into profession.

The much lauded, the much quoted Steve Jobs has reminded yet again, of the preciousness of life in his last words to the world.

The time is limited, don’t let’s just waste it living someone else’s dream. No excuses now. No regrets later. So that when you depart, you WOW the work you did and the life you lived. Have an amazing new year folks!