Twitter Insights for Storytelling

Gone are the days, when Marketing was about the product you make but about the stories you tell.

In the era of Social Media, people tend to get impacted by Visuals more than reading long monotonous articles or reports stating a fact, narrating a story. Marketers use Social media very smartly these days to showcase everything they wish to sell. One of the best and the most efficient ways to do online marketing is Storytelling.

We, the humans react to emotions. And this reaction is in terms of further sharing that with someone. Yes, that’s how storytelling works. Your followers are triggered to think, feel, act and share it with people that could possibly be your follower and if not, might turn into one. So, isn’t storytelling a hit when it comes to reaching out to your customers??

Twitter, as quite an independent Social Media Platform contains an abundance of your user insights. Then arises the question- How can these Insights produce Brand Storytelling? That too relevant and compelling to your users. In your minds. Right?


You are already 1 step ahead of your competitors who have still not thought of this strategy. You have an ocean of your user data which you need to deep dive into. Infer about the personalities of your customers and how do they respond to stories as compared to other. Analyze their psyche towards stories told on twitter with the language they use to describe it or respond. Understand their needs by analyzing their sentiments in the texts they use, and drawing a conclusion out of it, thereby understanding their personalities better. This would, in turn let us identify the emotions to use in storytelling. In addition to this, you also have your audience’s bio tagcloud which would further add to your knowledge about their interests. So now you know what kind of Stories you need to target your customers. Sorry! Potential Customers!

For example- You are a Women Cosmetic Brand and see that your followers mainly consists of those whose interest lies in Eye-Makeup Products. So now you will be able to use these insights to build a Marketing Campaign with a compelling message. Bull’s Eye!

Relevant Influencers tell your Story

Social networks are such a place to share your brand stories to a huge audience that follows you. And these followers will in turn, share your brand story with the world. There are people who believe in your brand and has a good following. Twitteraties in bulk, follow them when it comes to a specific interest they are interested in. these are Influencers.Tell your Brand Story in such a way that appeals these Influencers to an extent that they share and influence the world (positively) when it comes to your brand. After all, beauty enthu people would use your product when a Beauty Blogger suggests them to. This makes Impact. Believe me. You will observe the difference when an influencer shares your Story.


Well, there are many like you who are doing storytelling. So what do you have which others don’t? What makes you stand out in the league?? Don’t follow the herd blindly. Create something unique which goes by your brand name. Compare your stories with other Brands. Analyze which stories got good response. Don’t copy them but yes, you now know what kind of stories appeal customers. Look for the stories which failed to make an impact or had a negative one. Take lessons from the already-published stories to not commit the mistakes that could hamper your brand image.


An amazing brand story. Hit Campaign. Users Happy. That’s it?? NO. This should not end with one campaign. Analyze hashtags of the previous campaign. Discover new lists, retweeters to find people favoriting and engaging with those campaigns. Build Tailored Audience targeting them further engaging them with your brand or in any way that could in a way or the other bring them to your brand. That’s again a WIN.

The more personalized Stories, the better you magnetize your potential customers. Who knows, you end up bringing more customers in addition to retaining the previous ones? Your Followers end up doing Marketing and Advertising for you. Knowingly or Unknowingly.