What We Talk About, When We Don’t Talk About Natives
Dia Lacina

The game itself is post apocalyptic. Just imagine how many cultures effect one another, when people have to work together to save each other. Various indigenous and nomadic cultures that preserved their traditions are having to share their methods, weapons, etc. It’s not just us Native Americans, various Native American tribes actually share similarities to the early Asian and European indigenous and nomadic cultures. The main character and what she wears in the game reminds me of mix of Scottish/Scandinavian indigenous clans and Native American (more prominently South American). Only you say it’s cultural appropriation. When it’s just following the nature of humanity, when humanity is threatened we join together to share and survive. Also consider, our ancestors were willing enough to share their cultures and tribalhood once. I get the thing about costumes, but why discount those in our tribes that may be more pale than you. I have a beef with people trying to be offended for me or my ancestors. Take the localization of the second Bravely Default, there was a dark skinned character that was a class called “Tomahawk”. They lightened her skin and turned her class into “Cowboy”. They did this because someone complained it was offensive, when what they did was offensive. I would have loved it it was kept the same, if they wanted to change her outfit.. I would have been fine with it, hey Native Americans wear Cowboy/rancher attire too. I just can’t believe they lightened her skin.

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