R Founder, Geeta Sankappanavar, joined The Future Economy to discuss impact investing and how decisions are evolving in Canada.

Watch the full interview here, or read the transcript.

From the article:


Impact investing is increasingly important as both consumers and stakeholders alike are starting to prioritize ESG concerns.

The energy industry in Canada has a great opportunity to capitalize on impact investing by innovating on greener technologies.

Impact investment will increasingly cover all asset classes and become less siloed in the way it is allocated.


Capital holders in Canada have the power to drive impact investment forward by ensuring their money goes towards initiatives that are beneficial for society and the planet. At the same time, Canadian businesses must be ready to cater to the preferences of impact investors.”



Brent Winstrom with Auston Inno, of the Austin Business Journal, chatted shop with ‘R’ Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Chelsea Cain Maclin.

“Chelsea Cain Maclin remembers her early days at Bumble, a year or two after its founding, when a small team was working out of a downtown Austin, Texas apartment. These days, Bumble is listed on the Nasdaq, and Maclin is back again with a small team at her new startup as it takes on venture funding and prepares to launch its first major projects.

R Labs is a Web3 startup that aims to use blockchain technology to produce and market digital assets in the metaverse…” Check out the full article in biz women here.