The various types of people I’ve come across that make me nervous about the big world out there.

If you are anything like me, PEOPLE will be the hardest thing you will ever try to wrap your head around. Forget maths or that challenging physics question, PEOPLE are the most confusing ‘thing’ out there and it’s mainly because, I think, they’re all different.

I’ve never met two people who are the same or even similar. On the surface they appear alike. One false move, false action, you meet the real person, the complex person behind the ‘normal’ persona they’ve tried to portray. That, is why PEOPLE make me nervous.

The sweet innocent chick.

She, my friends, doesn’t exist. There is a nasty, false bit in her making her dangerous than the rude mean gals out there. Trust me. They are like slow lorises. (If you have no idea what they are, get on it right now. While you’re there find out how dangerous Pandas can be) Slow lorises are cute. They have these big eyes that say, “Love me!” But they are venomous and could kill you if not treated properly. Yes that is a slightly drastic example and maybe I have hone too far but that to me, is the sweet innocent chick. (For anyone who asks, ‘why not a boy?’ Well, I’ve never met him.)

The one’s who life just seems to be working out

How does this happen? There’s always that one kid who just seems to have got it easy. The rest of us are struggling and they’re riding rainbows everyday of their easy life. In all honesty, I understand that no ones life is completely put together but these guys, there as close as it gets.

The Jokers

The Jokers hold a very special place in my heart. Mostly because they also appear the most friendly, but they also seem to be happy a lot more than the rest of us. Of course, the real question is, what happens when the laughter stops? That is a scary part of their story I don’t want to know.

The ‘I want everyone to like me’ people

They annoy everyone. I being one of those people, annoy myself. Since I have an insiders view on this case, I’ll explain. There is a small part of your brain that can’t or maybe just refuses to let it go when someone you know walks past you or doesn’t say hi even when they see you. This part of your brain is home to a little high pitched nagging voice that says, “They don’t like you! You’ve got to make them like you.” This will push you to do all sorts of crazy to reach the point where you are sure they like you enough that you’re okay with it. Personally I hate this voice but as I said it’s a nagging voice and as of yet, I can’t help but listen to it.

The one’s who just seem to be cool, calm, collected

Now if anything, I thing we all want to be this group of people. They seem to sail through life and tough/awkward situations calmly. They don’t freak out, they don’t overreact and they also seem so chilled. This exterior is very misleading because I have developed a secret feeling that it may not be as cool and calm as we think. There may be some inner turmoil going on. Some inner conflict they are facing that we as the other categories above don’t really face because we don’t have the calm exterior . Eventually we break. Cool, calm and collected people never break because maybe they never think they need to. But we all do. At one point in life, we need to break. Even just a little.

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