My first … ever.. Medium post.

Honestly, I am writing this while covering some of my social media clients. My hand felt tight, fingers cold and heart deep sunk into an urge to write. It is a writer’s thing. I am sitting next to my flat white which I finished in one go, staring at its empty dry remains, amazed how coffee looks beautiful even when it disappeared in my calm zone. Reminds me of the lovely women we had, have or will have. I wonder why. I am married! I diverted. Sorry. I do this often. My first post is all about how I surrendered myself to a new country, engulfed my career with some grey presumptions and ‘almost’ went down the sad road of guilt. 
I moved to Auckland, the beautiful heaven, last year. Left an almost good job and never planned my next move. Today I got my next move. I got a real job. I got my pride, self-assurance, confidence, happiness and energy fuel back. This is so sad. So sad that it made me realise how humans are trained to get a job to feel worthy. I understood that I was making myself all about a job. My career was my vision. My CV was my face. And, my rejection and acceptance were sadness and happiness, (definitely in that order). This is so wrong. So unspoken. So unacceptable.
Today, I will start my next real move. To be more than what I feel I am. To be realistic and yet passionate. To find out what is important, constant and worthy. All in my next post. I want to function everything I felt today.

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