Robot Rock: Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Musicians?
Cortney Harding

I am questioning myself: why? Why would you listen to an auto generated piece of music? Would an auto generated book be interesting too? Auto generated blogposts? Create some auto generated replies. Have a virtual discussion between machines, without humans.

I am sure this is about to happen. But will it be pretty, funky? Jukedeck generates, at least for me, no interesting music. But in theory a computer would be able to do that, feed it some Charlie Parker licks, might help. We love drummachines. We love auto corrected pitch perfected voices. We love quantised rhythms. So why wouldn’t we love auto generated music? Well…

At the same time we love imperfect music. More human music. And maybe because of this generative music we will find out what a human is and what he or she is capable of. Because we have music in us. New music which comes straight from us, not a machine. So, in fact I believe the only challenge for any artist is a very old one: find yourself.

Machines are just machines. They don’t care about live. But we do. ’cause we need to survive. That makes us human. And THAT is art.

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