My VOX George Michael reverb patch for Reason (Factory Sounds)

The news that George Michael has died has shaken me up since yesterday. He is just 5 years older than I am. And I so remember when the Korg M1 came out that George started to use that workstation a lot too like us. Including the static sounding ‘house’ piano and that memorable stand-up bass sound. George was a great singer who didn’t need tons of reverb. But somehow he loved tones of reverb on his voice.

Many years ago when I was designing new sounds to be added to the Factory Sounds ReFill for Reason (they called it Factory SoundBank back then) I thought about George and his vocal sound. So I made a reverb effect patch called Vox George Michael. It was included in Reason ever since.

The rest is history…

Thanks George!

Originally published at Melodiefabriek.