Propellerhead Discover is now Allihoopa

The music collaboration platform of Propellerhead previously known as Discover is now called Allihoopa. A Swedish word for saying: everybody / all the people.

Musical hub

With this smart move Propellerhead wants to become a true musical hub, not a music distribution network like SoundCloud or Spotify.

Mattias Häggström Gerdt of Propellerhead said on ReasonTalk (see this thread):

We also definitely want other companies to get involved with Allihoopa, including apps and more traditional music software. The more the merrier!

For Reason users we can expect more Reason focus on the current Propellerhead website. And this is good news! Say goodbye to that picture of a guy holding an iPhone which was on their frontpage for a while. Sure the Propellerhead iPhone apps like Figure and Take are fun in their own rights, but the flagship of Propellerhead is Reason.

“wave all your rights”

Not everything is 100% okidoki. Allihoopa, like Discover, uses the “wave all your rights” system. So make sure you agree to this when you upload your music to Allihoopa:

3.1 You retain all of your ownership rights in the Content that you create or upload to the Services. However, by uploading Content you grant every user and Allihoopa a non-exclusive right to use your music (with the right to sublicense). The license includes a right to copy, reproduce, communicate to the public, distribute, prepare derivative works of, modify and adapt your Content — even for commercial purposes — in any and all media and distribution methods and to the extent permitted by the Terms of Service. The license applies worldwide and is royalty-free and irrevocable.

Listen to my tracks

Today I experimented a little with Figure. Such a fun tool! And incredible easy to drop them to Allihoopa. You might like these 2 short tracks I did (remix and build on these!):

Originally published at Melodiefabriek.

Originally published at Melodiefabriek.